Professional services at competitive prices

“Professional services at competitive prices is our motto"

Professional services at justified prices: Since we are based in India, one of the world's largest manpower pool, we can provide you services at astonishingly competitive prices without compromising on quality and reliability. 
For translations, though our prices differ depending on the language and technicality involved, they start from as low as 0.06 USD per word. Discounts are given on larger volumes.
* Minimum charges apply to every order. 
A) Payments from India: You may pay through online banking or deposit a cheque.
Payments are accepted through cheque only when the Paying bank is located in India.

E-mails are generally answered in an hour's time provided we get them any time between 5 am GMT to 5 pm GMT. Any email is answered within 12 hours.

TranslationMumbai specializes in Translation of legal documents and clinical research documents. 

Our standard policy is to charge per English word where English is either the source or target language. Exceptions may be made when the English source format is non – editable and thus it is difficult to take a source word count. In language combination where English is not involved, the normal practice is to charge per source character / word.Discounts are allowed on large volumes.
Prices for Conference related services are quoted per project, considering all the requirements & specifications.

Prices for transcription services are charged per minute.
Prices are generally quoted in USD but you are welcome to contact us for a quote in INR ( Rupees) / GBP ( Sterling Pound) / Euro etc.
If you do not know how many words your document contains, send it to us by post, fax or e-mail (see Contact Us); we will count the words and give you a fast, free, no-obligation quotation.
We provide translations and interpreters for many languages that are not on our Rate List - even rare languages.