Realtime Media

We are delighted to introduce our new service Real time Human Media Translation as a pioneer in this field. From our continuous self improvement and endeavor for excellence we have set up framework to respond to our customers all over the world within minutes(*1) to boost them work globally / and in all parts of India.

What is Real time Media Translation ?
You send us Sound/ Movie/ Images / PDFs and the target languages to be translated. Our staff will promptly handle your  requests get the text / instruction translated and send it back to you real time.

How Real time Translation can help you ?
Working in various parts of India / World we come across to different sign boards/ Train bus indicators / Restaurant menus in regional languages that you may not understand. We come across people conversing in languages we don't know. You, being a member of our Real time Translation Service, can call us to listen to the conversation to be translated, and our representative will do it for you. You can send us recorded audio for translation and we will revert with the solution within minutes. You can just take a picture of that board with your camera phone and send it to us. If you are member of our Media Translation Service, we can send you the translated text in reply.(*2)  

How to use the Service of Media Translation ?

We offer 2 options of Membership

1. Occasional Users 
This option is suitable for travelers on short business trip of few days.

2. Heavy Users
This option is for people relocated for longer period and finding it difficult to deal in regional language.
If you are a frequent user you can sign service contract with us and interested in availing our special rates for frequent customers.

Why Choose our service ?

Our wide spread network of translators and quick response enables us to understand the actual meaning of those images. We can provide additional explanation if needed. Automated tools cannot provide these features.

(*1) Conditions Apply
(*2) The text in the Image should be fairly visible